Sunday, September 28, 2014

Minor Characters Illustrations, other sketches

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  1. Fountain bowl is better - though I still feel you could have but a little more effort into it - it doesn't seem particularly "celtic". Did you type the words "celtic bowl" or "celtic stonework" into Google image search? I ill accept it for now but I really want to see some more work put into your research.

    Which leads me to your "orphans". Firstly - I am not sure that the ancient celts even had "orphans" per se, more likely abandoned children would just become part of a tribe or be taken in with other families. I would have interpreted this more as "poor/feral children" That said, I really don't feel like you put any effort into these designs. It is the same drawing of a child repeated 3 times with one different item in their hands. Even the little patch is in the same place on each of them. The background is also lacking - it does not evoke a sense of ancient Ireland at all. Instead this image looks more modern-day and there is really no sense of understanding of the clothing and/or materials of the time period. This needs a lot of work.