Monday, October 27, 2014

Jungle Stone Jaguar inked drawing Tyler Hill
Feathered Serpent inked drawing, Tyler Hill
 First pass colored Jungle Stone Jaguar, Tyler Hill (Still not comfortable with digital painting.)
First pass Colored Feathered Serpent, Tyler Hill (Still not comfortable with digital painting.)

Nkiru Sewell - Creature Design - Wizard of Oz

Elizabeth Michals, Group 1, Wizard of Oz, Three Fairies

creature design: balor, twrch

Creature Design- Formorian

Horse Formorian

Creature Design - Djinn

Giant Creature Design - Daisy Gan - 1001 Arabian Nights

brown bull- Anna Ellis

Anna Ellis-- 10/27 Group 02 Cu- Chuchlain Brown Bull

Popol Vuh Bat Designs - Will Smith

Here's to another week!

Lazaro Sanchez - Golem Creature Design

Jaguar Creature Design

Dianna Wendell - Mermaid Design

Natalie Riess / Team Oz / Witch Wolves and Flying Monkey

  Bark bark

Ryan Brondolo  Group 2 Cu Chulainn- Tree monster design

Christina O'Donnell Hammerhead Creature

Lindsey Leigh: The Plumed Serpent and Bat Creature Designs

Jazmin Frye Wizard of Oz Creature design

 Kalidahs are ravenous creatures that live in forests. They have bodies like bears and heads like tigers. They chase Dorothy & Co. at one point in the story. It is a scary moment, and they are one of the few foes that are not fought back against and are rather escaped from.

 A quick Rak was thrown in for good measure, easily dwarfing everything around it. Raks are creatures that can run like deer, swim like fish, and fly. There is a furnace in their body that allows them to breathe smoke and fire. They are massive and can devour several men at once.

 Creatures with bowl shaped wings, long spindly legs with fingers, parrot head, and propeller tail.

Creature Design


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ghoul Design - 1001 Arabian Nights - Kelly O'Dowd

Cara Andrianos Monkey Creature Design

1001 Arabian Nights - Gabrielle Bittel ~ Creature Design

 When I became acquainted with the townsfolk, I found that at the beginning of each month they were transformed, in that their faces changed and they became like unto birds and they put forth wings wherewith they flew unto the upper regions of the firmament; and none remained in the city save the women and children. And I said in my mind, "When the first of the month cometh, I will ask one of them to carry me with them, whither they go." - The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

Just a Djinn, not finished.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Creature Design - Poppy Dragon

"An elusive creature who lurks in the poppy fields, the so-called Poppy Dragon is often heard rather than seen. It has a penchant for donning the skulls of different animals who have passed away in its home. It will rarely make an appearance unless sees one of the skeletons being touched, in which case it will become aggressive. Although it has sharp teeth and claws like most of its species, the Poppy Dragon prefers to use its serpent-like tail to ward away trespassers. It is also rumored to have once lived in Emerald city, judging by the embedded shards of emerald in its scales (some of which will flake off from time to time, looking ironically similar to poppy petals)."

Monday, October 20, 2014

Creature Design

CuChulain (hound, selkie, gancanagh)

Cu Chulainn Creatures- Brown Bull, Cat Sith, Cluricaun

Wizard of Oz, Group 1, Elizabeth Libby Michals, Landmark and Character Designs

Elizabeth Libby Michals, October 20, 2014, First Sketch of Glinda's Castle

Elizabeth Libby Michals, October 20, 2014, Final of Glinda's Castle #1

Elizabeth Libby Michals, October 20, 2014, Final of Glinda's Castle #2

Elizabeth Libby Michals, October 20, 2014, Final of Glinda's Castle #3

Wizard of Oz, Mernaids

Wizard of Oz, Mermaids

Wizard of Oz, Crows

Wizard of Oz, Crows

Wizard of Oz, Crows

Wizard of Oz, Crows and Fairies

Wizard of Oz, Fairies

Wizard of Oz, Fairies