Monday, December 8, 2014

updated old work

 Redrawn Jungle Stone Jaguar with statue styled head (missing color)
 Compiled Minor Characters: Merchant Sketches
 Compiled Minor Characters: Warrior Sketches
 Compiled Minor Characters: Upper class Sketches
Colored Upper Class

Main character sketches

Project Revisions

Key Scene: Changed position of female character.

Landmark: Made roots less fluid.

Animations: Changed #8 to have tighter limbs (looks like he's going in for a strangle).

Orthograph: Lengthened #2 and 3, made body of #3 less curvy.

Character Design: Put head in basket in #3 and gave Lady Blood a mask.

Creature Design: Erased belly of jaguar.

update ali baba

Sunday, December 7, 2014


(I just wanted to clean up and color edit these.)

(Added skull illustration to the call-out sheet.)

*I didn't get to revise the Poppy Dragon in time, but in the future I'd like to show you a new piece of him. 

Revisions - Kelly O'Dowd

Nkiru Sewell - Revised Character swap callout sheet

Nkiru Sewell - Key Scene

Christie O'Donnell Revisions

                                           Revision of the Munchkin Tower Land Mark

                                          Hammerhead orthography and animation revision
                                                  Popol Vuh Background Revision
                                                Separate Call Out Sheet

Serpent Revision



I tried making a little model for the lighting like you suggested. (Sorry about all the clutter!)

creature designs: balor/formorians



Saturday, December 6, 2014

Character revisions

I figured I'd make a new post for comparison purposes with the older ones.