Sunday, November 30, 2014

Character Switcheroo - First Death

Original Design by Tyler Hill. 

Character Swap

Character Swap - Kelly O'Dowd

Elizabeth Libby Michals, Character Swap

Aladdin (Design Credit: Sophia)

Character SWAP Christie O'Donnell

Character Switch: Lindsey Leigh

(Original Design by Libby Michals)

Main Character Swap

Scheherazade (Arabian Nights)

Character Swap- Cara Andrianos

My Dorothy Design, originally designed by Christina O'Donnell.
Ryan Brondolo- Ye Olde Switcheroo

Scáthach Final Design - The Swap

I had Ryan's character  Scáthach from Cú Chulainn. I improved upon the look of her legendary spear, the Gae Bulg, while also giving her more appropriate and cohesive armor. Most ancient Celtic and Scottish people wouldn't have had full sets of iron armor, especially not Scathach, who was a martial artist and would rely heavily on range of movement. Leather armor seemed more appropriate. I placed her in front of a Scottish mountainscape, as that is where she and Cu Chulainn meet and have their training sessions.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Main Character Drawing First Death Group 3 Popol Vuh

Aladdin Scheherezade - Main Characters 1001 Arabian Nights


Character sketch olivia wilde-- 11/7-- Group 02--- Cu Chulainn

weapon sketch-- 11/7-- Group 02--- Cu Chulainn

Main Character w/ Prop Design


Actor: Conor McGregor

Ali Baba Character and Accessory - 1001 Arabian Nights - Daisy Gan

Main Character and Prop Design

Elizabeth Michals, Group 1, Wizard of Oz, Glinda design and prop design, 11/17/14

Lazaro Sanchez Main Character Design

Main Character Design- Christie O'Donnell

Ryan Brondolo Main Character design- Group 2 Cu Chulainn

Famke Janssen as Scathach

Jazmin Frye - Wicked Witch of the West