Sunday, November 16, 2014

My sketch so far, I don't normally paint up from a tight sketch, so I will tighten it some more. The item I chose for Ja'far to have is the grimoire from the Tale of the Attaf, a book that the sultan reads, which pretty much foreshadows Ja'far entire adventures. I'm going to make a few traditional designs. It took a while to decide on which prop to do, mostly because I had thought of props for virtually every other Main Character but Ja'far. However! upon reading a few more stories Ja'far is a part of, I was able to find the story book.

I also wanted to share one of my favourite concept artists, he's sadly not very well known, but he does amazing work:Wen-M  he's extraordinarily prolific and one of the reasons I love concept art so much. His designs are incredibly detailed and I've wanted to play some of the game he works on solely because of his concepts and the ideas he has behind them.

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