Monday, September 29, 2014

Nkiru Sewell

Minor Characters: Soliders and Guards Illustration

Alexander McQueen Sketches

Passer-by Sketches

Costumed Sketches


  1. NIce work on the sketches - why only one of the costumed friends? IN terms of your Minor player characters - I think the poses could be a bit more dynamic - they seem overly stiff and not very naturalistic. Hold off on doing anything until the next class and lets work together on improving the placement and poses of your characters. I like their designs a lot though. Nice work.

  2. The stiffness comes from doing the piece entirely digitally, which is a first for me. Usually if I do digital I'll start with a traditionally drawn line drawing and then scan it in and paint it in photoshop. But I'm trying to work on and improve my digital skills. I agree about the stiffness but its a little hard for me to get the same naturalistic feeling with a tablet right now, hoping to improve though.