Monday, September 29, 2014

Lazaro Sanchez Popol Vuh McBride Illustration + Alexander McQueen Sketches

                                           Front Left:  Mayan Temple Guard
                                           Front Right: Mayan Soldier Brute
                                           Back: Mayan Robo-Colossus

1 comment:

  1. Popol Vu characters are decent - but I still think you need to work on reducing the noisiness. I think the problem is your lighting isn't realistic - it hhas this sort of "video-gamey" generic lighting applied everywhere - like there is no defined lightsource. Video games are very advanced these days and realistic lighting is all the rage... Try to really think about your characters as having real volume and real depth. Are you taking figure drawing classes? Try not to et style hold you back from learning realistic lighting and anatomy.

    McQueen sketches - looks like you traced them? Please don't trace if you did - you can put the drawing next to yours or on a separate screen - but don't trace. You won't learn as quickly that way.

    Where are your other sketches? I want to see how you do drawing from life - please post those as soon as possible.