Monday, September 29, 2014

Angus McBride & Sketches- Kelly O'Dowd

Three Lowerclass

Alexander McQueen

Made Up Outfits


Key Scene Revised

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  1. Sketches are fine but please try to show the full figure/don't cut people's legs off (when it is a controlled situation, I know it is harder when drawing people in public). Your final characters image seems a little "lumpy" where the clothing is concerned and perhaps too plain (no patterns/patterned fabrics at all for them? I know they are lower class, but still, I would think they might have something) and the characters poses and relationship could be a little more integrated. They seem like 3 separate drawings that you then put into one image - whereas the McBride pieces generally feel like there is more interaction, even if passive. They don't have to literally be talking to each other, but at least feel like you could be looking at a group of 3 people milling about in the same space - plus, they all look like they are looking at something of-screen that is surprising them - which is a little distracting to the viewer. Also - LABEL YOUR WORK IN THE IMAGE - Name Date, Project Name, Subject Matter. Revision is good.